10 Problems an HOA Management Company Can Help You Address


It’s no surprise that when you start collecting money and monitoring people’s properties per HOA guidelines, you start having complaints, and issues arise. As volunteers, these interactions with your community can cause stress and make you regret joining the HOA board.

A homeowners association management company in Tampa like Wise Property Management can help you address the ten most common problems HOAs face across Florida.


Common Problems Faced by HOA Boards

1. Legislation Changes

Law changes can be difficult and time-consuming to keep up with, causing stress for board members, especially if they’re new to the position and are still learning the ins and outs of HOA laws.


2. Budgeting and Collecting Monthly Dues

One of the hardest things for HOA board members is asking neighbors for their dues. In a perfect world, members would automatically pay and reduce the awkwardness of it, but more often than not, board members find themselves in a position of having to collect. 


3. Grounds Maintenance and Value

Routine maintenance is an active and necessary part of retaining an HOA’s value and appeal for both current and potential residents, but organizing what needs to be done, and finding and managing vendors can take time that busy board members don’t have.


4. Forceful and Biased Rulings

All HOA communities risk abusing, power-hungry leaders who exact their wishes and demands on the community. Just one board member who is like this can cause problems for the rest of the board and the community at large.


5. Communication

HOA board members can easily get distracted by things happening in their lives, and forget to communicate with the community adequately.


6. Complaints

Conflicts are bound to arise within your community, and it’s the HOA’s job to sort them out. However, as fellow community members, it can be difficult to judge objectively.


7. Pets

Every owner thinks their pet is the best, regardless of its behavior and habits. Unfortunately, some pets do more damage to the community, especially if their owners don’t pick up after them. This is yet another area where board members may be put in the awkward position of attempting to deal with a sensitive issue with residents.


8. Common Areas

It’s common for Florida HOAs to have common areas like pools and lounging pads for members and guests to gather. But all it takes is one unruly member or guest to damage the property and leave a mess.


9. HOA Guideline Violations

Whether it’s a well-known rule or a slight distinction between two rules, if someone violates the HOA guidelines, the governing authorities must enforce it.


10. Unsightly Additions

Every HOA is different, but there are many rules regarding decorations, satellites, and antennas on the homes. However, everyone has their own ideas about how they would like to decorate and use the outside space of their home, which makes it difficult to tell a resident that something does not meet community guidelines.


The Solution? An HOA Management Company

An HOA has its hands full running a community. An HOA management company can help lighten the load by taking care of many responsibilities and helping to solve many problems that would otherwise fall on board members. Hiring HOA property management in Tampa will help to solve all of these problems. To learn more about how Wise Property Management can help your HOA, contact us today.


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