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Property Managers

Frank Alvarez, LCAM: ext. 329
Beverly Baldwin, LCAM: ext. 301
Camilo Clark, LCAM: ext. 322
Chris Crain, LCAM: ext. 328
Cody Glass, LCAM, CMCA, AMS: ext. 324
Ron Gonzalez, LCAM: ext. 351
David Griffith, LCAM: ext. 321
Tom Kelleher, LCAM: ext. 319
Douglas Lee, LCAM, CMCA: ext. 305
Phil Mahr, LCAM: ext. 331
Ky Martin, LCAM: ext. 318
Matthew O’Neil, LCAM: ext. 317
Todd Parker, LCAM: ext. 316
John Romano, LCAM: ext. 308
Joshua Spivey, LCAM, CMCA: ext. 320
Joseph Vilardi, LCAM: ext. 326

Administrative Support

Zachary Davis: ext. 303
Jonah Galewitz: ext. 306
Brandon Lawrence: ext. 312
Jennifer Tutko: ext. 323
Cara Wing: ext. 311
Receptionist: ext. 0

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Accounting Staff: ext. 600

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