3 Common Mistakes Bad HOA Management Companies Make and How the Good Ones Avoid Them

Whether it’s rental management services, accounting and recordkeeping, administrative support, bookkeeping services, or comprehensive association management services, Tampa HOA management companies are responsible for managing a wide range of services. When your HOA works with the wrong company, any of the above listed valuable services can be compromised. That’s why communities prefer to work with an experienced team of management professionals that have proudly served the Tampa Bay area for decades. In this brief article, we will describe three mistakes that poor HOA management companies make:

They Don’t Hire Reliable Contractors

Some HOA management companies have a reputation for pinching pennies. In some cases, the quality of the work is impacted by this focus on the economical side of performing maintenance tasks. Bad HOA management companies will search around for the most affordable vendor to perform repair work. Of course, by cutting corners and trying to save a buck, the HOA is risking long-term issues with these repairs and unhappy residents that are waiting for issues to be fixed.

At Wise Property Management, we value the importance of being timely with maintenance services. With our customer-first strategy, we focus our efforts on partnering with reliable and trustworthy contractors consistently to ensure the concerns of residents are answered and maintenance issues are quickly resolved. With considerable experience in Tampa HOA management, we are proud to have built an excellent network of talented and professional contractors that can provide quality service at a moment’s notice.

They Promote “Do It Yourself” Tenants

An unresponsive or overwhelmed HOA management team will be slow to resolve issues for residents resulting in the tenant taking action themselves. Although it may sound good to have proactive residents in your community, this scenario can create a vast array of liability issues where a tenant can become injured trying to fix something or create long-term problems as a result of the repair job they performed on their own.  A well-structured management company will not only deploy licensed contractors when needed, but will also be in close communication with residents to ensure that everyone is on the same page in regard to repair services and their contractual obligations.

They Don’t Perform Their Due Diligence

Bad property management companies simply fail to perform their due diligence. This could mean that they don’t perform routine inspections to mitigate potential issues down the road or don’t take on an in-depth screening process of prospective tenants. A reliable HOA management company knows how to dot all the I’s and cross all the T’s. With years of experience in Tampa Bay, we have our formula down and know how to provide responsible and thorough services for our clients.

Are you ready to work with a Tampa HOA management company that makes life easier for you and your board members and improves the value of your property?  If so, submit our proposal request form today!

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