4 Steps to Keep Your Tenants Happy

Good tenants are hard to come by. So when you have one, it is necessary that you do everything within your power to keep them. Fortunately, keeping your tenants satisfied and wanting to renew their leases is not very difficult. As Tampa FL property managers, we have had a great deal of experience with keeping tenants satisfied. Here are 4simple steps to keep your tenants happy.


It is very important for issues that tenants complain about to be resolved in a timely manner. Common complaints include rowdy or noisy neighbors, pets, loud music, or pests. If there are rules in place that address the issues that your tenants have complaints about, make sure that the violator is well aware of them, and have your property managers in Tampa FL enforce them. Remember, rules don’t matter if no one follows them.


When maintenance or repairs are needed, it would be much appreciated by your tenant if they were scheduled at a convenient time. Most tenants will not be available between the hours of 9AM – 5PM. If maintenance and repair appointments must be scheduled between those hours, notify your tenant well in advance. This will allow them the opportunity to make changes to their schedule accordingly. Once the work is completed, sending a simple thank you note will show your tenant that you value their time.


Tenants want to rent from someone who does what they say. So, if a commitment is made to a tenant, whether is is a repair or merely painting a wall, it is essential that you follow through with it. If there is a valid reason that you are unable to, make sure that your tenant understands why. When a tenant submits a repair request, they expect that request to be handled in a prompt and efficient fashion. This is why it is essential to have systems in place that allow you to meet these expectations. If you are having difficulty handling tenant requests, consider hiring a Tampa FL property management company to assist you with these duties.


Maintaining a friendly, professional attitude with your tenants is key to keeping your tenants happy. Managing tenants requires great customer services skills. A poor attitude can make a tenant feel a “lack of respect” from the owner and uneasy, resulting in the tenant becoming unhappy with their living situation, which could possibly lead them to seek other options.

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