5 Ideas to Create a Fun Community for Residents

As a company that provides HOA management in Tampa, we love to see communities where residents are actively involved in HOA sponsored events and take full advantage of the amenities designed to make their lives easier. That’s why we’ve provided 5 fun ideas for creating an even better community for residents.


Unless your HOA is hosting a special event, homeowners won’t have an incentive to visit the community club house. A fun way to bring people together is by creating gathering areas that provide a benefit to residents. It could be as simple as a sophisticated coffee lounge with beverages and the local newspaper to complimentary breakfast served on weekends.


Take the benefits of the HOA outside of the community by offering complimentary concierge services to residents. You could offer things like convenient dry cleaning drop offs, restaurant reservations, and ticket booking for events. This will be a fantastic incentive for living in the community, and you may even be able to partner with local restaurants to provide special deals to residents.


Business professionals love opportunities to connect with others in the community. Get them involved with HOA sponsored events by creating networking nights once or twice a month. This will be a great way for homeowners to meet one another and develop relationships based on mutual interest.


You may have a gym in your community, but what about sponsoring activities that encourage residents to get active? Team sports, swimming lessons, outdoor family competitions, group fitness classes, and other fun activities will make residents excited to get involved and get moving.


Outdoor playgrounds are a thing of the past. To really up the ante with your amenities, consider creating an indoor play room, with video games, computers, and even a movie theater. This will be a great area for older children play, and the playroom will second as a haven for rainy Florida days.

Since 1981, we have been recognized as a premier provider of Tampa HOA management, our team is committed to our communities and we are always looking for new ways to help our clients create living environments residents are proud to call home.

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