Avoiding Common Mistakes Made by Condo Association Boards

When it comes to mistakes made by condo association boards, what is most important is how these mistakes are handled and what is being put in place to gain back the trust of tenants.

Our team at Wise Property Management, a St. Petersburg condominium association management team, has outlined the three most common mistakes that can be made by condo association boards, how they happen, and the best ways to avoid them moving forward.

1. Decision-Making With No Explanation

Diverse viewpoints should be welcome, and everyone in the community should be allowed to express their honest thoughts and opinions.

A mistake is made when a board member shares their decision on a matter with no context or additional detail. It can appear they are complacent or acting out of emotion, rather than practical thinking and logical reasoning.

The Fix: Make it standard practice to share a short explanation of a board member’s decision. This builds trust through reasoning, encouraging differing viewpoints across the board members.

2. Lack of Communication

Board members keeping each other in the loop is only half of the responsibility. It is a significant mistake when communication is not occurring across the board and residents and even more so when it is lacking across board members.

The Fix: Outline communication expectations for meetings and set a schedule up front to ensure meetings are occurring at the necessary pace. Having a communication plan in place will ensure your board never makes these mistakes.

3. Not Following Rules Set in Place

Condo association rules are in place to be followed by both board members and residents. One of the easiest mistakes to make is to think that being on the board places you above these rules.

The Fix: Lead by example and hold each other accountable. Rules and bylines in place should be respected and encouraged.

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