Easy Ways to Make Residents Happy

Working in Tampa HOA management means you’ll have your fair share of disgruntled residents—you know the ones you feel make your job difficult—but you will also come across some fantastic owners. While you want to give unhappy owners your attention to de-escalate issues, this could potentially lead to overlooking your “good” owners. You need the right balance to keep everyone happy. Furthermore, you’ll want to be sure you are providing award-winning customer service as you manage the community. You can do this by:

  • Being considerate of residents
  • Giving complaints your undivided attention
  • Maintaining a professional attitude
  • Following through on commitments

As an experienced Tampa HOA management company, we know what contributes to owner dissatisfaction—a lack of customer service as mentioned above and failing to fix what’s important to them. Following are several ways you can keep residents happy.


Residents who care about the way the community looks will frequently complain about unkempt grounds when reviewing a company. Random littering, unkempt grass, and failing to scoop dog poop say that you don’t care about the way the community looks. It’s important to hire someone to maintain the landscaping of the community and it’s also vital to establish etiquette for dog owners and discourage littering and improper trash disposal.


Properties should be visually appealing. If the buildings look outdated, it’s necessary to change things up every so often. It’s amazing what a fresh coat of paint or a new color can do. Additionally, pressure washing the building and staircases works wonders.


One of the most common complaints residents make is the raising of fees. If you’re going to increase fees, make sure your reason for doing so is valid. Is the increase necessary? Is it that violation frivolous? Go a step further and provide residents tangible proof for increases. If the property is looking run-down, residents will want to know where their money is going. It’s important to note that residents will violate association rules at some point, but when this happens, be sure that other residents aren’t feeling punished for a few bad apples.

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