Frequent Community Nuisances Associations Encounter Part 1

Millions of properties across the United States are run by a Tampa condo association management company or an HOA board or management company. Each of these communities is governed by regulations that all owners and tenants must abide by. This does not come without challenges, however. This two-part article will highlight the most common nuisances community associations handle on a regular basis.

Noisy Neighbors

Of all the complaints community associations deal with, noise complaints easily top the list. This is especially for buildings with stacked units. In these types of communities, a Tampa condominium association management company would be tasked with resolving complaints regarding the noisy upstairs neighbors who are:

  • Loud talkers
  • Television or music blasters
  • Fitness buffs who love a good run on the treadmill
  • Families with young and active kids

Once a resident submits a complaint, someone from management or the board must visit the home of the alleged offender to assess if there are noise issues which would bother the average person. Sometimes the type of flooring in a unit will cause issues, and the solution to that would be to install cushioning or padding to reduce noise.

Irresponsible Renters

Owners are ultimately responsible for the actions of their tenants, cohabitants, and guests. In the event that one of these parties violates the association’s rules, the owner would be subject to disciplinary and/or legal action. To avoid discrepancies, owners should provide their tenants with their community covenants, conditions, and restrictions (CC&R) and other applicable governing documents before they move in and to ensure compliance.

Animal Issues

Pet issues is a particularly common complaint received by the community association. Loud barking, unleashed or uncontrolled pets, and pet soiling left behind by owners is a source of contention for residents. Pet owners are required to comply with community rules regarding their pets and may be subject to strict enforcement, including pet removal, after continuous violations.

Want to read about more community annoyances? Read part two of our article which addresses running a business in the home and neighborhood children.

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