How to Prevent Legal Liability with Timely Condo Maintenance and Repairs

Many of a condo community’s amenities are to be maintained by the condo association or the property management company. When the responsible parties fail to notice that something needs to be repaired or needs maintenance, this can put the entire condo community at legal risk. In this short article, a Tampa condominium association management company highlights some of the ways to prevent legal liability with timely condo maintenance and repairs.

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Reduce Slip and Fall Risks

By ensuring that surfaces are safe, well-maintained, in good condition, and free from debris, it is possible to reduce the risk that someone might slip and fall. This can include condo residents, staff members, visitors, and vendors that could potentially become injured and take legal action against the community. The steps to take to reduce slip and fall risks depend on current conditions. For instance, rain or a spill could create slippery conditions on otherwise safe surfaces.

Ensure Timely Repairs

The sooner that repairs are fixed, the better. If someone hurts themselves on an amenity that needs repair, the condo community could be held responsible. While immediate repairs aren’t expected, there are steps that you can take while the amenity or walkway remains unsafe to walk on, such as closing off the area or a warning sign. The longer that you leave the repair unfixed, the bigger the problem.

Be Proactive with Maintenance

Maintenance is just as important as repairs are when it comes to legal liability. Some repairs can be skipped by taking care of maintenance tasks before they escalate into bigger problems. Sometimes, liability occurs by poor maintenance. For instance, not properly maintaining a new HVAC system in the community recreation center could void its warranty.

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Use Appropriate Signage

Simply using appropriate signage wherever there are dangers or repairs in place can make a big difference in the safety and liability of the situation. Letting residents and visitors know about safety hazards can keep other people safe. For example, if the pool recently had chemicals added to it and shouldn’t be swam in for an hour, a sign can let residents know about the risk and the need to wait before swimming.

Liability and safety are two primary concerns of any property management company. It’s important to keep everyone safe while on the premises. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to reduce liability and to keep everyone safe. Many of these steps go along with excellent property management best practices anyway.

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