How to Slow Down Drivers in Your Community

Have you ever seen a vehicle speed through your community and thought that there must be something more that can be done? Reckless drivers are just one of the many problems that HOA board members have to contend with. But unlike other problems, a speeding vehicle can result in a resident’s injury or death if ignored. Whether they are local or passing through, those who enter your community need to be held accountable for their behavior. 

As a homeowners association (HOA) board member, it is your responsibility to ensure the safety of your community. Below, we’ll discuss several strategies that HOA members can employ to keep drivers below the speed limit. For assistance and recommendations on how to implement these changes, consult the professionals at Wise Property Management, a Tampa HOA management company.

Fines and Further Punishments 

As we’ve covered previously, Florida law permits HOA board members to fine residents for violations. This extends to traffic violations, and your HOA is allowed to fine violators up to $100 per violation. You can fine residents a max of $1000 for an ongoing violation. However, your HOA would need evidence of a violation. 

Radar Signs and Cameras 

Your community could install cameras like the SafePace Guardian awareness camera that records traffic in addition to advising drivers of their current speed. Cameras like these are excellent for catching drivers who ignore stop signs, recording other crimes, and instilling a general sense of safety in your community. Unfortunately, there may be those in your HOA that would view this as an invasion of privacy. 

A Police Presence

If your HOA has a consistent problem with enforcing speed limits, you should consider contacting your local law enforcement agency. Occasional visits from police officers can have a dramatic effect on speeding in your community. In addition, residents will have more respect for a ticket issued by an officer, and the mere sight of a cop car can be a deterrent to crime. Keep in mind that HOA members may feel uncomfortable with police outside their homes. 

The Solution That’s Right For Your Community 

The solution that’s right for you will depend on the needs of your community. It may take one or all of the above initiatives to curb speeding in your neighborhood. It may even take a novel approach that we’ve yet to cover. Fortunately, this isn’t a decision that you have to make alone. 

At Wise Property Management, we are familiar with the unique problems that every HOA faces. For a reliable partner that can take the wheel and ensure that the correct measures are implemented to deter reckless driving in your community, contact Wise Property Management, a Tampa association management company. 

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