Maintenance Tips From a Tampa Property Manager

One of the top reasons tenants decide to discontinue their lease and move elsewhere (other than relocating or purchasing a home), is poor maintenance. On top of costing you rental income and giving you a bad reputation, neglecting little items can lead to very expensive repairs down the road.

Many property managers in Tampa believe that proper maintenance is waiting until something is broken before fixing it. This approach to maintenance is wrong. Proper maintenance means regularly keeping up the property and making repairs as they become apparent. Don’t wait until something is broken to fix it. Instead, to minimize cost, inspection of the property and repairs should be completed on a regular basis.

As experienced Tampa property managers, we’ve learned over time that you should pay special attention to the following maintenance issues:


Why is it important? It is important to identify and repair a leak in its early stages in order to help prevent hazardous mold growth, potential damage to your property, and expensive roof, ceiling, and wall damage.

When to check? After a heavy rain storm, or during the middle of a hot and humid day is the best time to check for leaks or water damage.

What to look for: Look for soft spots on the roof, wall or ceiling, water spots on the floors, collection of water under sinks, nearby water heaters, dishwashers, washing machines, A/C units, and also around showers, toilets, and windows.


Why is it important? Over time, the caulk around sinks, tubs, and shower doors and the grout in between tiles can deteriorate. When this happens, moisture can seep through and cause damage to walls and flooring. Resealing cracked caulking and loose tile can prevent this from happening.

What to look for: If you notice that the caulk around the sinks, tubs, or shower doors of your property is detiorated, it is recommended to reseal it with a new layer of caulking. It is time to replace your grout if you start to notice holes in the existing grout or if you notice any tiles moving.


Why is this important? This is a safety concern as faulty electrical wiring can be a fire hazard.

What to look for: Because inspections of these items can be very complex and have the potential to be dangerous, it is best to leave this task in the hands of a professional.

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