Recommended Qualities to Look for in Potential HOA Board Members

When voting in new board members, it is important to put thoughtful consideration into the qualities candidates need in order to be effective board members. Our Tampa homeowners association management team has put together five recommended qualities to look for in potential board members.


The community and its residents are the reason the HOA exists, so it is crucial for new board members to genuinely care about the neighborhood, and the people living in it, so much so that they are willing to sacrifice their time for the betterment of the community. Each board member’s reason for service should be a desire to create a living environment that property owners and residents can be proud of.


Over the course of a board member’s time in office, there will be times when controversial topics must be discussed. These issues may even directly effect the members of the board. It is crucial that board members in power have the ability to see beyond their personal views to look and consider all sides of the situation before making a decision, even if it goes against their personal ideals or interest. Each member should be fair, but shouldn’t be afraid to make the tough decisions necessary to move forward.


The board acts on behalf of each member of the community, so the leadership of the HOA should use integrity in all matters of its operations. Sometimes, this means admitting when you don’t know the right solution and need the consultation of an outside source, like a Tampa HOA management company who can provide advice based on past experience with other communities. This also means your board members should have the courage to stand up when they see someone else not conducting business in a way that is positive for the community.


Your community should have a plan that sees far into the future and is constantly striving to better the living experience of its homeowners. So, the board members seated at the decision making table should be able to visualize the growth of the community and work together to bring these goals to fruition.


Once the tough decisions are out of the way, a great HOA board member knows how to have fun and connect with community members. Beyond managing the budget and collecting HOA fees, board members should be willing to organize events and activities to bring residents together. So, while there are serious matters to attend to, the board members should make their role an enjoyable one.

If your board is having difficulties finding the right candidates for the job, consult with a Tampa HOA management company, experienced in successful HOA operations and administration to learn new ways of acquiring talent in the community.

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