Spring Maintenance Tips for Condo Properties

It’s that time of year again—spring! Most understand that spring is synonymous with “spring cleaning.” This rings true even for condominium properties. Maintaining the appearance of a property’s exterior is one of the most important responsibilities a Tampa condominium management company is tasked with.

Your Tampa condominium management company should be performing maintenance on the following:


Buildings need regular check-ups just like the human body in order to function properly. Systems that will require an inspection include the HVAC, plumbing, electricity, and the building envelope. When you live in Florida, a good A/C unit is a must. You’ll want to fix them before summertime and clean the coils and dirt build-up. This will ensure air is cool and odor and allergen free. Replace air filters to remove dust, mold, and bacteria to improve indoor air quality. Additionally, flush water heaters, inspect sprinklers, and fire safety systems.


Examine every roof to determine if there are leaks or repairs required. Hire a professional to inspect condo roofs for the following:

• Missing slate
• Cracks in shingles
• Loose or cracked flashing or trim
• Curled pieces in shingles or shake roofs
• Water damage in roof valleys and eaves
• Gaps, cracks, or missing caulk near pipes or the chimney


Getting the grass or garden areas into shape. Inspect, identify and repair damaged trees. This is especially important before hurricane season. Spring is also a great time to remove dead or broken trees and plants. Plant new flowers, trees, and shrubs. Redefining bed lines and adding fresh mulch will also revitalize your landscaping.


The way a condo management company maintains a condo property speaks volumes to residents and prospective residents. A poorly maintained property is the difference between retaining owners/tenants and attracting new residents. If your management company is not managing the appearance and upkeep of your condo community well, it’s time to hire a new company.

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