Summer Activities for Homeowners Associations

Summer has a different feel than other times of the year. The kids are out of school, the movies are action-filled and there’s a real sense of fun in the air. While some homeowners are taking vacations, many are still around. This is a great opportunity to build community among your members. If you are looking for ideas, your Tampa homeowners association management company is here to help.

Below are several activities that HOA boards can organize that capture the spirit of summer, build community, makes memories that will last a lifetime.


If you have a community pool it’s important to ensure that everyone who uses it knows how to swim. While it’s easy to put up signs and safeguards to protect you and your members from accidents, it’s also great to make an effort to ensure that children know how to swim. There are a number of outstanding swim instructors that can come to your pool and provide lessons. Your members will greatly appreciate it.


Nothing says summer and community like pool parties and the Fourth of July. The key is to hold to the theme as closely as possible. This is not just any ordinary pool party. Red, white and blue should be seen throughout, including decorations, food and, games. If your community has a grill, you can even make burgers and brats.


Another great symbol of summer is the cool, creamy goodness of ice cream. Celebrate everyone’s love for ice cream with an ice cream social. You can purchase a few gallons from Sam’s Club or Costco or, if you are a large community, approach a company about providing ice cream. Don’t forget toppings like caramel, nuts, and sprinkles. If you are looking for a healthier option, consider frozen yogurt instead.

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