The Importance of a Condo Association Calendar

Running a condominium association and dealing with needs and issues varying from resolving owner disputes, rule and regulation enforcement, and community maintenance and repair can be overwhelming. Creating a more efficient community begins with ensuring the condo board can handle all of its responsibilities and hiring the right Tampa condo management company to help if necessary. No matter who’s in charge of keeping your community in tip-top shape, a calendar is a very important component of keeping the community running smoothly.

Why a Calendar is Necessary

The vast majority of community associations likely maintain some sort of calendar (at least we hope so!) but whether or not that calendar is updated consistently remains a mystery. Not only must the condo association keep track of critical matters that need addressing, they should also be creating events and activities that improve the residents’ quality of life.

What to Include in Your Calendar

Annually, your association should be strategically planning out your community’s year, ensuring that you meet all of your obligations (i.e., legal, financial). Your board knows exactly what it needs to accomplish; however, following are some important dates and items to include on your calendar.

Contract Obligations: Keep track of all your contract begin and end dates so you’ll know when it’s time to renew a contract.

Community Maintenance: Your maintenance and repair schedule with certain vendors may be monthly, quarterly, or annually, so you’ll want to track these as well to ensure everything from common areas to the pool and HVAC systems are serviced appropriately.

Board Meetings: Your governing documents may require certain meeting requirements and it is important that all of your meetings are listed on your calendar. This gives everyone ample time to prepare to attend.

Event Planning: Your calendar doesn’t have to be all work and no fun. As special committees plan fun activities and events, make sure they are on your association calendar. This is a great way to build community engagement.

Amenity Assessment: Evaluating the amenities within your community is important as this is the best way to determine if everything is functioning properly. For example, you can schedule a day to inspect pool and playground equipment so you’ll know if any repairs or replacements need to be made.

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