The Importance of Choosing the Right Vendors for Your Condo Community

Selecting the right vendors to perform maintenance work in your community is of the utmost importance. Hire a vendor who offers cheap services, and you may end up with shoddy work. Hire a vendor whose services are overpriced, and you may end up unnecessarily spending too much money. So, how do you choose the right vendors?


As a Tampa condominium association management company, we’ve learned over the years that quality and cost are the two most important factors involved in choosing the right vendor for your condo community, but there are other items that need to be considered in this decision as well, such as the vendor’s availability, responsiveness, communication, and work ethic. Choosing the wrong vendor could have many unintended consequences. Below are a few tips from an experienced Tampa condo association management company to help condominium communities select the right vendors.

Multiple Bids or Proposals

It is important to receive multiple bids or proposals from different vendors. This will provide you with good insight as to the value of the services your community needs. Although it is ultimately the board’s decision on who to hire, a professional Tampa condominium association management company may be able to assist with providing recommendations of qualified vendors.

Greatest Value, Not Lowest Price

When selecting a vendor for their community, many condominium associations make the mistake of choosing the lowest bidding vendor rather than the vendor that offers the greatest value. Carefully review all the details of the bids to ensure that you award the bid with the greatest value.

Vendor Experience

It is also helpful to look at the experience of the vendor when making a decision on which vendor is best suited for your community. It may be helpful to ask vendors to provide their experience with other projects that are related to the project at hand.

Request for Interviews

Once you have narrowed down your selection to the vendors that best meet your needs, request to have a face to face interview with the remaining contenders. This will give you the opportunity to see if their communication style, commitment level, and personality are a good match for your community.

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