The Roles and Responsibilities of an HOA

Tampa HOA management companies and the homeowners association (HOA) Board members have both shared and individual responsibilities. Because these roles can interlace, it can be confusing to understand where one position starts and another one finishes. At Wise Property Management, we’ve had years of experience as an HOA management company, and can attest to these difficulties. That’s why we’ve prepared a brief overview with the different positions and their responsibilities.


The role of the HOA Board President is to construct meeting agendas and lead all HOA Board meetings. Typically, the president has the control to organize all day-to-day operations within the HOA association, such as entering into agreements or contracts for the sake of the HOA association. The president is also the liaison between the HOA Board and the Tampa HOA management company.


The duties of the HOA Board Vice President consists of assisting the president with all their responsibilities, as well as assuming those responsibilities in the president’s absence. The Vice President can also help coordinate association committees.


The duties of the HOA Board Secretary include taking and distributing meeting minutes, maintaining the HOA’s corporate record book containing all meeting minutes and resolutions, relaying notices of regular and special meetings, and certifying voting results.


The responsibilities of the HOA Board Treasurer are to supervise all financial statements and expenditures, following the strict regulations of the HOA Board’s existing policies. The Treasurer will also report at each Board meeting on the budget and financial matters.


The duties of the HOA Board Members-At-Large (also known as the other HOA members) consists of residing on different committees and helping the Board officers with their responsibilities.


The Tampa HOA management company’s role is to take over all administrative duties as per requested by the HOA Board. This can typically entail tracking and reporting a collection of assessments, accounts payable, and other financial responsibilities that are outlined in the contract. The management company should also make visits to the property site and evaluate property conditions as well as work with the Board to plan reserve funds. Other duties of the management company can include handling vendor bids, helping to create a budget, and attending all HOA Board meetings.

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