Tips for Handling Parking Issues in the Community Part 2

After managing a number of communities, our Tampa HOA property management company is quite familiar with the issues that communities may face. Parking issues, in particular, can be a great source of frustration. Is your association well prepared to effectively contend with parking violations?

Establish and Enforce the Visitor Policy

Every community should have a guest parking policy. If your current residents are already feeling a bit cramped, visitor parking may only add fuel to the problem. Some guest parking policies will allow temporary permits which allow visitors to park for a set period of time or general guest parking may be allowed on a first-come basis. Some communities may only choose to allow one or both which is viewed as combination parking. On the other hand, some communities have no guest parking at all and it’s up to residents to make arrangements for their visitor’s vehicles.

Re-enforce Your Parking Guidelines

If your parking issue isn’t about the lack of rules but more so about the enforcement of the rules, your association and property management company should be working together to address this. There may be different reasons that violations are happening including realtors that may not be communicating to their clients before purchasing and confused new residents who have yet to read and understand the guidelines. Residents can also play a role by informing the board of violations they may observe. After sending residents warnings, if necessary, repeated violators can be fined or have their vehicles towed.

Solutions for Parking Problems

Having a rules only community without solutions will make for unhappy residents and continuous friction between them and management. Find ways to offer solutions to keep the scales balanced. For example, if you have very limited parking, offer residents alternatives such as offering a small parking lot area to overcome the problem of non-existent street parking.

Other solutions include:

  • Towing is expensive so use it as a last resort
  • Give non confrontational warnings before penalizing violators
  • Allow a grace period before making drastic changes to your parking rules
  • Ensure that your no parking areas are clearly marked to avoid confusion

Are your parking policies working well for your community? The key is to work with your homeowners to foster a harmonious community. If you need assistance managing your parking violations or any community problems, consider hiring a Tampa homeowners association management company to help you bring order back into the community.

For information about Tampa homeowners association management, please call us at (813) 968-5665, or submit our proposal request form.


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