Tips for Hiring a Landscaping Company for Your Condo Community

A well-landscaped condo community enhances the curb appeal of the community as a whole, and increases the value of the individual condos within it. Landscaping and maintaining a condominium community can be a major undertaking, which is why it is important to hire the right landscaping company to do the job.

As a Tampa condo association management company, we know how to find the right landscaping vendors for our communities. Below are some tips on how to find the right landscaping company for your community.


To ensure that the community is properly serviced, evaluate the needs of the community to determine the type of landscaping company your community requires. Some landscaping companies are better equipped to handle large communities, while others are better equipped and more affordable for smaller communities.


Does the company have experience working with other condo communities such as your own? What kind of reputation does the company have? What is their fee structure? These are examples of questions you will want to ask prospective landscaping companies before making a decision to hire them. Ask for examples of other communities they currently work for, or have worked for in the past, as well as references.


Once a landscaping company is chosen, make sure the contract includes all agreements in writing and is signed by both parties. Details that should be included in the contract are the duties of the landscaping company, the fee structure for the services that will be provided, the time frame the company is contracted for, and any other pertinent information.


Another important item to consider is if the landscaping company has adequate liability insurance. If the company does have the appropriate coverage, in the event that an incident were to occur on the property, the landscaping company’s insurance policy would cover the claim. If the company is not properly insured, the community could potentially be held liable for the claim.


Hiring a Tampa condo management company to handle the hiring of vendors to perform duties such as landscaping within the community can help ensure that the best company is hired to complete the task, at the best price.

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