Tips for How to Protect the Value of Your Condo Community

While your condo community may sell itself (and let’s face it, if you are in the Tampa Bay area, it probably does!), there are a few specific things that can ensure you deliver a whole residential experience to your community.

At Wise Property Management, a Tampa condo management companyover 35 years of experience has helped give us a good look into how you can protect the value you have built amongst your condo community.

Curb Appeal and Maintained Amenities

While there are intangible values that a condo brings to residents, one of the most immediate tangible values is curb appeal and amenities. By ensuring the physical condition of homes in your community are in top shape, people will be more likely to place value on your community. 

In addition to the upkeep of homes, the amenities and availability are also crucial in having a highly valued condo community. 

Are amenities usually closed for maintenance? Are people comfortable using amenities? How do people feel when they enter the community?

These are just a few questions you can ask to determine if your residents are comfortable with the current amenities and looks of the community. 

Transparent Communication

A community operates best when those who run the community and residents are treated equally. In doing so, making sure both members of the community and the board are in communication when it comes to decisions made (board to community communication) and how the community feels about that (community to board communication) are vital. 

Are both parties comfortable and confident communicating with each other? Do residents feel heard? Does the board communicate decisions to residents quickly?

These are a few questions you can ask to determine your condo community’s current level of transparent communication.

Strong Conflict Resolution

Inevitably tensions will arise in a community. How those tensions are handled often directly reflects on the community management itself. All community members should feel comfortable communicating; the final element that ensures value is strong conflict resolution. 

Are residents comfortable bringing concerns up with the board? How are conflicts managed to ensure both parties are happy? Have conflicts ever escalated to involve legal action? 

You can ask these questions to determine if there is firm conflict resolution present in your condo community. 

If any of the questions posed above were answered with uncertainty, it might be time to look at adding Wise Property Management in Tampa, FL, to your team.  


The easiest way to ensure value is protected across your community is to use a condo management company like Wise Property Management in Tampa, FL

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