Tips for Writing a Late Rent Notice

If there was only one bit of advice our Tampa property managers could give to homeowners, it would be to document everything! This is especially true when it comes to financial matters like unpaid rent. Late rent notice give you a record of if the delinquent payment, provides your tenant with notification, and serves as proof should litigation be necessary to handle a tenant dispute.

As a Tampa property manager, we recommend a very strict policy for handling past due rent, and even if it’s only a day late, supply your tenant with a late rent notice. The notice doesn’t need to be especially long, but there are a few key items that should be included.

What to Include in a Late Rent Notice:

– Date the Notice was Created
– Tenant Name
– Property Address
– Date the Rent was Due
– How many days late the tenant is delinquent
– Amount Owed including late charges
– Directions for making payments
– Subsequent action that will occur if the rent is not collected


After you have your late rent notice created, choose a delivery option that will provide proof that the notice was received by the tenant. This will be an extra layer of protection to guarantee that if eviction or litigation occurs, you have proof that an attempt or multiple attempts were made to collect on delinquent rent.

Most often, a late rent notice will be enough to inspire your tenant to bring their account up-to-date, but in some cases, progressive action will be required. In these cases, it is always best to speak with your attorney or an experienced property manager in Tampa who knows the appropriate steps to ensure compensation.

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