Types of Rental Property Inspections

There are three types of rental property inspections. Each of these inspections should be properly documented and supported by video or by photograph. This documentation will serve proof in the event that the tenant has mistreated or caused damage to the property, justifying a claim of deposit. To ensure that you have all the documentation that may be required, having a camera on hand during any of the following inspections to document any issues that arise is highly recommended. Below are brief descriptions of the three main types of rental inspections.


This type of inspection should be done so in the presence of the tenant and at the beginning of the move-in process. A move-in inspection is primarily done for the purpose of making sure the tenant is aware of the condition of the property at the time of move-in. During the walk through, the tenant and the Tampa property managers should take note of any existing damage to the property on the move-in inspection sheet and support it with video or photographs. After the inspection is completed, the tenant should sign and date the sheet to acknowledge the information on the sheet is correct.


There are two types of occupied inspections. The first one is the routine safe and clean inspection. This inspection should be conducted during the duration of the lease agreement typically every 3-6 months, and is done so with the intention of looking for issues or damage to the property that the tenant is responsible for, and also for issues that are the responsibility of the Tampa property managers such as a leaky roof or broken appliances. Any issues that are found during these inspections should be properly documented with supporting video or photographs. Again, once the inspection is complete, have the tenant sign and date the inspection sheet acknowledging that the information on the sheet is correct.

The second type of occupied inspection is the drive-by inspection. This type of inspection allows property managers to visit the property without notification since the Tampa property manager will not be entering the premise and is simply observing the property as they drive by. Since routine, safe and clean inspections are scheduled in advance, tenants will usually be on their best behavior. If they have pets that are not allowed on the premise, they’ll have ample time to get the pets out of the home for the duration of the inspection. A drive-by inspection allows for property managers in Tampa to periodically look for common non-compliance issues like pets.


The move-out inspection is done at the termination of the lease agreement and is the property manager’s final opportunity to walk through the property with the tenant to evaluate the condition of the property. During this inspection it is particularly important for the Tampa property manager to pay special attention to details. This inspection should sweep every room including bathrooms, the floors, walls, cabinets (inside and out), appliances, and also the entire exterior of the property. Any damage that is found to the property should be properly documented on the inspections sheet with supporting proof from video or photographs. After the inspection, the tenant should sign and date to acknowledge the information is correct, although many times the tenant will decline if they feel they are not at fault.

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