Holiday Celebrations in your Condo Community

Three fun ideas to celebrate the holidays in your Condo Community

The holidays are a fun time of year, so why not join in on the festivities with the condo owners in your community. Create fun events throughout the season to bring people together and make your community a great place to call home.

To help you plan fun, holiday events for your community, our Tampa condominium management team put together a few ideas to get you started.


You may not be able to have a home decorating contest, but that doesn’t mean you can’t develop other fun holiday decorating competitions. Get creative with holiday competitions and try ideas like a door decorating contest, where owners can get in the spirit of the holidays with some friendly competition with their neighbors.

Another idea for your community is to allow condo owners to sign up for decorating teams that will be assigned small Christmas trees to be on display at the clubhouse. Not only is this fun decorating event, it will also give your clubhouse an upbeat, festive ambience for the holiday season.


You could also bring people together through a holiday potluck. Members of the community can bring in their favorite dish, connect with their neighbors, and share some good food in the process. To organize this event, your board can create a committee to help with party decorating, entertainment, and ideas to encourage attendance from owners.


In the midst of all the holiday fun, don’t forget about the youngest members of your community. Create special events for children like holiday craft days, where they can make fun keepsakes and gifts for their family. This will be a great opportunity to bring families together and provide a little holiday cheer before ringing in the new year.

We hope these ideas from our Tampa condo association management team will help your condo community find ways to celebrate the holiday season.

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