Three People That Will Improve Your Condo Board

Three People That Will Improve Your Condo Board

Does your condominium association (COA) have a method for recruiting boards members? The type of members you recruit can mean the difference between failure and success. Tampa condo management companies know what qualities to look for in board members. We’ll identify three types of people that will help you run your board successfully. In the end, your COA will run more smoothly and your community will be stress-free.


When run by an enthusiastic and competent board, communities will thrive. Don’t recruit members blindly, be strategic. First, consult your bylaws as you may have rules dictating who can and can’t become a member of the board. Once you know what’s allowed in the bylaws, you’re ready to start recruiting. Select members based on areas of expertise, resourcefulness, and those who aren’t afraid of hard work. Let’s expand on these more.


Individuals in this category are professionals with a particular trade. There may be countless accountants, lawyers, writers, fundraisers, and marketers right under your nose. These are the individuals that can create a newsletter, help with bookkeeping, and more. If you do not have a qualified accountant living in your community, a Tampa condo property management company can assist you with your bookkeeping. Remember they may have full-time jobs that may pay them well, so don’t take advantage of them.


Individuals in this category are creative and wise. They know how to get the job done and come up with solutions to problems. They may have resources themselves or know exactly where to get the resources. Always show them your appreciation and never take their generosity for granted.


You will need members that aren’t afraid to roll up their sleeves and get to work. These people are servers by nature. They will willingly help with social events like the yearly holiday party. They’ll help set up and breakdown during activities like yard sales. They’ll be your runners for your fundraisers. There’s no limit to what they will help with. Be sure to not overtax them and let them help in areas they are passionate about.

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