3 Signs That You Need a New Management Company for Your Neighborhood

Condominium associations hire property management companies for convenience and peace of mind. A management company that declines over time and doesn’t meet expectations can sabotage the quality of life in your neighborhood. When a management company is disappointing you, it’s time for them to go. In this article, we’ll be looking at three warning signs that indicate you need a new management company. Look out for these signs and hire a Tampa condominium association management service that’s reliable year round.

1. Record Keeping from the Stone Age

Tampa condominium management services should provide stellar record keeping. A management company that does not keep proper records will never be able to meet a condominium association’s basic demands. All records, including contracts, meeting minutes, financial and legal documents, and insurance policies should be kept in a temperature controlled environment. Upgrade to a property management company that can do all of this for you and more.

2. Never Available   

A property management company should be available by phone, email, and in person. If your property management company is just a faceless business, this is a big red flag. The company’s response should also be prompt. A company that takes an unreasonable amount of time to get back to you does not have your best interests at heart. And If you’re experiencing poor communication with the management company, imagine what your residents must be going through.

3. Driving Away Residents  

Residents that have to deal with a difficult management company are much less likely to stick around. An uptick in complaints from residents is a sign that your management company is failing in their responsibilities. The duty of a property management company is to address complaints, not exacerbate them. Most likely, concerns and maintenance issues are being ignored. All of this leads to high vacancy rates and low resident retention, nothing that a condominium association wants to see.

It’s Time to Upgrade

A property management service that causes the above problems is no service at all. Do the right thing and switch to a property management service that will keep your residents happy and your business running smoothly.

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