4 Reasons Why You Should Hire a Property Management Company

If you are a property owner, chances are you could use some assistance with the daily responsibilities of your property. There are several critical roles a St. Petersburg HOA community management company takes on when they manage a property. In this brief article, Wise Property Management, the best HOA management company in Tampa Bay, will discuss several of the benefits of working with a reliable property management company.

1) They Manage All Rentals

No property owner wants to shoulder the burden of collecting rent. When you hire a property management company, they manage all the rental responsibilities. For example, a property manager will collect the rent, notify the tenant of any important details related to the rent, enforce any late fees, or increase the rent when a renter’s lease expires. With decades of experience managing properties throughout the Tampa Bay area, our professionals have a firm grip on managing all the rental aspects of properties. 

2) They Manage All Tenants

At Wise Property Management, we perform a thorough screening process for the properties we manage, including performing background checks of applicants, running credit checks, and creating the lease term agreement. We also manage all turnover, including providing eviction notices to tenants that either breached the agreement or were delinquent paying. When a tenant moves out, we can arrange all repairs and cleaning services while also assessing how much of a tenant’s security deposit should be returned.   

3) They Fix Things

A property management company will handle all the maintenance and repair needs for a property. For example, a property management company hires vendors to provide landscaping, extermination and pest removal, sanitation, and other services around the property. If something needs to be repaired or replaced, either on the property or inside a unit, a property management company arranges for these issues to be fixed immediately, including hiring plumbers, electricians, or HVAC professionals. When you are prompt fixing problems for tenants and maintain a well-kept property, tenants will be happy.

4) They Know the Law

It’s a property management company’s job to have a comprehensive understanding of all state and federal laws that can impact your property. Whether these are laws related to screening applicants, providing a notice, terminating a lease, or ensuring that safety standards are met, an experienced property management company will protect the property owner’s best interests. A property management company also understands the importance of maintaining records.  

Are you ready to work with a St. Petersburg HOA management company that makes life easier for you and your board members and improves the value of your property?  If so, submit our proposal request form today!

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