4 Ways to Improve Communication Between Your HOA Board and Members

A critical function of the HOA board is to ensure your community members are active within the HOA. Communication between the HOA board and its members is crucial. However, it can be challenging to engage members of the community.

As the premier St. Petersburg homeowners association management, we have compiled four ways to improve communication between your HOA board and community members. Incorporating the following recommendations into your day-to-day practices will increase engagement, leading to stronger relationships between the governing board and community members.


#1: Increase Communication Within the HOA Board

A great way to improve communication between the board to members is to improve communication within the board. The steps to inform community members are much clearer if board members are informed.

St. Petersburg HOA management companies, like Wise Property Management, recommend the following tips for increasing communication within the HOA board:

  • Paraphrase meaningful conversations shared. Paraphrasing helps you retain relevant information in your own words.
  • Change perspectives during meetings. This exercise encourages every view to be seen.
  • Encourage broader participation during meetings. Explicitly asking people who have yet to share their ideas to speak on the topic ensures everyone has the opportunity to contribute.

Greater board communication is sure to bring greater community communication. Taking a top-down approach is an easy way to ensure communication channels are transparent and engaged!


#2: Use a Mix of Communication Methods between HOA Board and Community Members

As an HOA board, you should assume communication comfort levels of varying levels throughout your community. Sending communications both electronically and physically (via snail mail) ensures all community members have access to important information.

Digitally, we recommend using email blasts for important notices and a resident portal for day-to-day communications. Services like GoGladly make setting up your community digitally a breeze.

Sending printed notices to your community’s mailboxes is another great communication tactic to add to the mix. Mail will ensure those who are less digitally native will be receiving community updates and notices.


#3: Collect and Implement Feedback From Community Members

As the HOA board unrolls new communication tactics, collecting feedback around these newly implemented processes is essential. Engaging your community by asking them to share how they feel the association could improve gives a sense of ownership to residents.

Asking for feedback using mailed surveys and open forums is a great way to ensure members are getting the opportunity to share their thoughts. What is also important is ensuring the feedback provided is utilized.

We recommended tracking all feedback and creating action items based on what is shared. Residents who see their HOA board taking steps to implement feedback encourages members to continue sharing and communicating with the HOA board.


#4: Communicate Openly and Honestly

Lastly, in any way you, as the HOA board, communicate with your members, you should do it openly and honestly. Be transparent in the way you speak and the messages you share. This builds trust between the board and members.

Clear communication is a great way to improve communication and the community for tenants and processes for board members. We recommend clear, concise announcements and making reference materials about the community available.

HOA management companies in the St. Petersburg area, like Wise Property Management, can help set up an action plan to improve the communication between your HOA board and members beyond the above ways listed.


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