7 Ways to Boost Your Neighborhood Security Part 1

When it comes to the safety and security of your community, you can’t afford to take any shortcuts. If residents don’t feel safe in their homes, they won’t remain residents for long. While most neighborhoods use technology and personnel to help keep residents safe, many neighborhoods still lack basic security measures.

Installing crime deterrents, whether manned or unmanned, can help make your neighborhood a better place to live. We offer Tampa condominium management services to neighborhoods that need to reaffirm their commitment to safety. In this two-part series, we will explore seven ways to boost your neighborhood security to help you increase the value of your neighborhood and improve the quality of life for your residents.

Light it Up

According to the Office of Juvenile Justice and Delinquency Prevention (OJJDP), violent crimes committed by adults increase throughout the day before peaking at 10 p.m. That means more crimes occur at night when it is dark outside. Installing lights to help illuminate your neighborhood can help you reveal any suspicious activity taking place after hours. Tampa condo management can help you install safer lighting if your current lighting is inadequate. You can use motion-activated outdoor lights to conserve electricity, too.

Enforce Residential Upkeep

Well-maintained homes aren’t targeted as frequently as homes that seem to have doors and windows in poor condition. Survey your neighborhood regularly to ensure that all residents’ homes are in good working order. If you notice residents leaving their windows open, or see front doors with degradation around the locking mechanism, inform them about the dangers of not keeping their property secure. Residents of apartments and condominiums can usually have deficiencies addressed by contacting the leasing office and making a maintenance request, so there’s no excuse for leaving their home in a state of disrepair.

Address Empty Residences

Empty apartments and condominiums are a magnet for criminal mischief. If your neighborhood has uninhabited units, perform regular inspections to ensure that unwanted parties aren’t entering the premises illegally. When you post notices on your residents’ doors, place them on the uninhabited units to make them appear inhabited. After a few days, make the same rounds again to collect the notice. Small but meaningful actions such as this can prevent your neighborhood from becoming victimized by criminals.

Hire a Security Service

There are many benefits to hiring a private security service to patrol your neighborhood. For one, they are legally permitted to remain on the premises of your community, which police officers are not allowed to do. This means a private security service can respond more quickly to crimes taking place in your community. They are also an effective deterrent for any future crime. Criminals are far less likely to commit a crime if they know there is a chance that a security guard will catch them in the act.

In part two, we will continue to explore more ways to improve your neighborhood security by forming a neighborhood watch, educating your residents, and cleaning up your community.

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