7 Ways to Boost Your Neighborhood Security Part 2

Do the residents in your neighborhood feel safe? The homeowners’ association (HOA) is partially responsible for ensuring that all residents can live without fear of becoming the victim of a crime. The easiest way to accomplish this important goal is to boost your neighborhood security. In part one of this two-part series, we mentioned a few easy ways to improve security in your neighborhood such as increasing lighting, enforcing residential upkeep, addressing empty residences, and hiring a security service. In part two, our Tampa HOA property management experts will continue to disseminate knowledge on how to boost neighborhood security.

Form a Community Watch

By forming a community watch, you not only increase the security in your neighborhood, you foster accountability by getting the residents involved. This is also a great way to strengthen relationships between neighbors. To set up a community watch, post notices about your intention on public bulletins. Discuss the idea with residents you interact with and gauge interest. Do residents feel that forming a community watch is important? Are residents interested in donating time to help make the community a safer place? The duties of a neighborhood watch include:

Observe and report any instances of suspicious or criminal behavior
Collaborate with the police to help solve neighborhood crimes
Post signage to warn potential criminals that you are taking active measures against criminals
Inform and educate others in the community to prepare them for any potential run-ins with criminal activity

Educate and Demonstrate

Hold a meeting in your community to ensure that all residents are updated on current safety practices for securing homes. For example, encourage residents to use lights with timers to make their residence appear inhabited and express how dangerous it can be to leave a spare key underneath a doormat. If your residents are too busy to attend a gathering, design and print a flyer or handout to help residents understand the importance of being proactive in anti-criminal home preparation.

Keep the Neighborhood Clean

Another great way to promote safety and security in a community is by hosting a community clean-up where residents can get together to remove graffiti, overgrown trees, and litter. This is a great way to foster stronger bonds between neighbors, and it boosts respect for community facilities which can lead to better maintenance moving forward. A well-maintained neighborhood has the appearance of safety and security, which means these types of communities are less likely to receive trespassers. Removing overgrown bushes and trees also creates better visibility in your neighborhood which makes it easier to spot criminal activity.

There are many ways to improve safety in your community, but if you want to make a tangible difference, you will want to get your residents involved, too. Forming strong bonds and increasing trust between neighbors help cultivate a tight-knit community that focuses on safety and security.

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