8 Common Notices Property Managers Distribute Part 1

A Tampa homeowners association management company provides homeowners associations (HOAs) with a myriad of comprehensive management services including: budgeting, recordkeeping, inspections, and administrative support, just to name a few. One important service that can never be overlooked is the distribution of notices. Some notices are required by the government. Others are authorized by the association. Some are necessary to inform residents of a significant change. Others are to inform the tenant of an infraction. Regardless of the reason for the notice, it’s important to partner with a reliable company that understands the rules and regulations related to distributing each of these notices.  

In this two-part article, Wise Property Management, one of the best Tampa HOA management companies, will discuss eight of the most common notices distributed to residents in the communities we service. In this part, we will focus on notices that require quick action. In the next part, we will shift our focus to other types of notices that are helpful to the community and HOA.  

1) Notice to Pay

If a resident is late on paying their HOA fees or if a tenant who is renting out a unit is late on their payment, a property management company must issue a Notice to Pay informing the resident of the amount they owe and the deadline to pay by. When residents are late on required payments, this can be an awkward situation. It’s also important that properties have a firm understanding of all the rules and regulations related to Notice to Pay laws and obey these requirements before they begin the eviction process. 

2) Notice to Cure

When a resident is in violation of the conditions of their agreement, a property manager can present them with a notice informing them of their infraction and the corrective action that must be taken by a specific deadline. This is the Notice to Cure. In Florida, a tenant renting a property has up to seven days to fix the problem. Some common examples of violations include, a resident renting their home out to an unapproved subletter, a resident that has undisclosed pets in their home, or a renter that is renovating their property without approval from the HOA. When residents are breaching their agreement, they will receive notice to correct this issue or legal action will be taken.  

3) Unconditional Quit Notice 

For persistent violators of their agreement, they will receive an Unconditional Quit Notice. This notice is utilized for extremely serious infractions like significant property damage by a resident, illegal activity, or residents that commit repeat and willful infractions. In Florida, a tenant that receives this notice must leave the property within seven days of receival or the eviction process will begin. 

4) Renewal and Nonrenewal Notices

If your HOA rents out some units, it’s common to offer a Renewal Notice to rule-abiding tenants. Of course, the property needs consent from the tenant to extend their lease via a renewal agreement. Conversely, for bad tenants, you will want to inform them that you will not be renewing their lease in a timely manner via a Nonrenewal Notice. Renewal and Nonrenewal Notices are an effective way for a community to manage and reduce turnover.

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