8 Common Notices Property Managers Distribute Part 2

Wise Property Management, a Tampa condominium association management company, is a family-owned and operated business committed to providing homeowners associations (HOAs) and condominiums with a variety of important management services. In this two-part article, we are discussing eight of the most common notices issued to residents. In the first part, we discussed several essential notices for residents that either fail to pay, are in violation of their agreement, or need to renew their agreement. In this part, we will cover four more types of notices that are commonly issued to residents. 

5) Rule Changing Notices

There can be a variety of changes to a community that residents should be aware of. If HOA fees are increasing or other financial obligations are to be issued, the residents need to be notified of these changes and when the increased fees will be implemented. Other issues, like a notice of annual board meetings, elections, and any board correspondence including rule changes, need to be issued to the residents of the community promptly. 

6) Notice of Entry

The inspection process is an important condominium management service as each unit’s appliances, HVAC unit, water heater, plumbing, locks, and smoke detector need to be inspected periodically. In compliance with Florida law, residents must be given “reasonable notice” of the intent to enter their home. Legally, this can be as little as 12 hours notice, but it’s best to give residents at least 24 to 48 hours of privacy before performing an inspection of the interior of their home.  

7) Notice of Repair

After an inspection, appliances or other items within a resident’s home may need to be repaired. Similar to the Notice of Entry, properties need to notify the resident that they will return at a specific date to repair the item. In some cases, water or power will need to be ceased in order to perform this work. Repair work could also be performed in the hallway of the structure, elevator, parking lot, or at another location in the community. It’s important that properties inform their residents of any inconvenient or potentially dangerous repair work ahead of time to ensure that residents can consider their options and remain safe.  

8) Notice of Transfer of Ownership

Whether a property is sold to a new owner or a new property management company is hired to manage the residence, the residents need to receive notice informing them of this transfer. Because a transition in management can be a sensitive issue for the community, at Wise Property Management, we will proactively work with the association to ensure a smooth transition. Consult Wise Property Management for Tampa condominium management services today.

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