How to Approach Holiday Decorations in Communities

What better way to share individuality and seasonal cheer than holiday decorating? There are a diversity of faiths and ethnic backgrounds in every community, so it’s important that boards and Tampa property management companies approach holiday decorating with fairness, consistency, and community well-being in mind. Encourage residents to get involved but set clear guidelines and expectations to keep communities safe, beautiful, and clean. Living in a shared community is about give and take so it’s important to strike a balance and keep the peace. Be sure to go about the holiday season by spreading good cheer, establishing etiquette, and posting community guidelines.

Find Ways to Spread Good Cheer

The association and the Tampa property manager can be first partakers of the holiday festivities. Find ways to spread good cheer during the holidays and the community will follow. One of the ways you can do so is by decorating common areas. A neighborhood decorating contest is another way to get everyone involved in a little friendly competition. You could also host a holiday party in your neighborhood clubhouse complete with hot cocoa, food, caroling, and gift giveaways.

Establish Etiquette

Along with establishing community holiday traditions must come etiquette. Stressing the importance of community safety, respect and upkeep are paramount. Policies regarding setting up and removing decorations. It is reasonable to expect holiday decoration to be removed in a timely manner. The exact timeframe is up to the board to decide. Neighbors should also be aware of how their decorations affect those who live on their street. If decorations are too noisy or bright, shutting them down at a certain time is also reasonable.

Post Community Guidelines

The goal of the HOA is to regulate activities that may affect the neighborhood. Rules are typically set forth in the homeowner’s covenants, codes, and restrictions (CC&R). These rules may include regulations that control everything from landscaping, the number of pets allowed, exterior paint colors, fencing, and even holiday decorations. When owners buy property in the community, they agree and are bound by the CC&R or they face penalties in the form of fines and even liens on their homes. In respect to holidays, the CC&R need not be posted, but informal, but clear guidelines can be posted via newsletters, emails, and bulletin boards to remind residents of the rules.

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