How to Run an Effective HOA Board Meeting

One of the most important parts of a homeowners association (HOA) is the monthly board meetings. At Wise Property Management, we know how beneficial an HOA management company in Tampa can be for HOA board meetings. A management company will have the skills and experience needed to run a proper board meeting. In this article we will be discussing the different ways a management company can help run a successful and effective board meeting.


A Tampa HOA management company will be able to step in right away and assist you with creating detailed agendas for the HOA board meetings. These agendas will inform the board of any specific issues that need to be addressed, as well as any upcoming events to prepare for. An agenda will create an organized structure for running the rest of the meeting.


One of the hardest aspects of running an effective HOA board meeting is to keep it on track and keeping everyone focused. Having a detailed agenda certainly helps, but there is much more that goes into running a smooth meeting. It’s the HOA board’s responsibility to keep comments and conversation limited to the topic that’s currently being discussed, and it can be a difficult task if a lot of board members are weighing in. An HOA management company in Tampa will know how to step in and help adjust the flow of the conversation. They may suggest setting time limits for how long each person can address their opinion on the issue or another way to speed up the conversation.


Another element a Tampa HOA management company can bring to the table is assisting the HOA board with creating sub committees for different areas or projects. As we know, committees are a very integral part of an effective board meeting. For example, if there is a special event that the HOA is hosting, a management company will set up a special events committee. This will ensure that the proper research for the event is done, and ideas are formed to present to the rest of the HOA board members at the meeting. This will save extra time during the meetings.

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