Maintenance Practices to Retain Rental Property Tenants

Maintenance issues are extremely important to rental property tenants. The proper upkeep of your rental property is something that potential tenants will look for when finding a new space for their property, but most importantly, when deciding if they want to renew their lease. In this article we will discuss a few different ways that a property management company in Tampa can improve maintenance practices.


It’s crucial for a Tampa property management company to have a fast response time when dealing with their tenant’s maintenance requests. Any maintenance requests from needing a new lightbulb to fixing a broken air conditioning unit are issues that your tenants need solved as fast as possible. If your tenants see that your property management company responds swiftly to their needs, they are more likely to renew their lease.


As we mentioned above, responding to maintenance requests is an extremely important aspect of a property management company in Tampa’s duties. However, once the maintenance request has been fulfilled, the company still has work to do. A follow up to a maintenance request is equally as important as responding to the request. By checking in with the tenant to make sure everything was completed to their expectations, and if there’s anything else they can do, will make a tenant feel well looked after.


A Tampa property management company will guarantee that a rental property is maintained both inside and outside. The first thing prospective tenants will see when taking a tour is the outside of your rental property, making it important that the grounds are cared for. This can range from having a service come out to mow the lawn and trim trees to making paint touch ups and pressure washing sidewalks. For interior rental property cleaning, we know it’s important to make sure that all common areas and restrooms are cleaned on a regular basis.

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