Summer Prep Tips Condo Associations Part 1

It’s officially summer which means that your Tampa condo management company, as well as your HOA board, should already be in summer preparation mode. You’ll see a lot of traffic in your common areas since a lot of kids will be out of school. It’s important to ensure that your community is safe and organized in several areas. This section will cover sprinklers, the pool area, and the playground.

Sprinklers System Check

You want your grass, flowers, and plants in your common areas to always look their best. Granted, we do get our fair share of rain during the summer months. However, inspecting the sprinklers to ensure they are summer ready is recommended. In fact, you should actually aim to have the sprinklers inspected annually by a professional irrigation technician. Be sure they are working efficiently and identify necessary repairs to prolong the life of your irrigation system.

Pool Area

Naturally, you’ll see an increase in pool activity during the summer months. Be sure that your safety rules are clear and posted. Require residents to have pool key fobs/badges to enter. Enforce pool etiquette and food and drink policies. Schedule regular maintenance to ensure that things such as the motor, pumps, and filters are cleaned or replaced. If your pool gets particularly busy, consider hiring a pool attendant (if necessary), and secure adequate insurance to protect yourself as well as residents.


You can expect a gaggle of youth flocking to the community playgrounds during the summer months. Playgrounds should be fun, safe, and healthy for kids which is why your condo should ensure it provides well-designed and well-maintained play equipment. Playgrounds should be fun, not dangerous, so consider removing dangerous equipment and installing more safety-conscious components:

  • Replace asphalt or pea-gravel with industrial-grade foam padding
  • Avoid metal slides
  • Removing S-Hooks on swings
  • Cover up or remove exposed screws
  • Coat rusted surfaces
  • Keep equipment 8 feet or less
  • Properly size openings to prevent kids from getting stuck

In part two we’ll discuss contracts, community events, and hurricane prep.

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