The Role of Property Management Companies in Association Board Elections

Association board elections play a pivotal role in the governance and well-being of community associations. Ensuring a smooth and transparent election process is very important for maintaining a satisfied community.

Lakewood Ranch association management companies such as Wise Property Management can play a significant role in facilitating these elections, from pre-planning to handling disputes and challenges, all while ensuring compliance with legal considerations.


Pre-Election Planning

One of the key responsibilities of property management companies like Wise Property Management can be to assist in the planning of association board elections. This involves coordinating with the association’s leadership to establish a clear timeline of the election process and outlining the steps and specific members involved in the election process. 

This may include setting deadlines for candidate nominations, distributing election materials, and organizing candidate forums to allow community members to get to know their potential association leaders. In our Lakewood Ranch association management services, we employ a proactive approach to all pre-election planning to ensure a well-organized and efficient electoral process.


Handling Disputes and Challenges

Disputes and challenges are inevitable in any election process. With Wise Property Management as your property management company, we can play a role in helping your association address these issues impartially. As we have over four decades of experience in serving Central Florida communities, we have developed the experience and expertise to help guide your association in mediating disputes, verifying candidate eligibility, and ensuring that your election process remains fair and transparent. 

By establishing clear procedures for dispute resolution and maintaining open lines of communication with all stakeholders, your association can help contribute to a more synergistic and streamlined election process. This can then help reinforce community trust in the association governance system.


Compliance and Legal Considerations

Adhering to legal and compliance requirements is of the utmost importance in association board elections. As your Lakewood Ranch association management company, Wise Property Management proactively stays on top of relevant laws and regulations to ensure that the election process is conducted in accordance with all legal requirements. 

This can include managing the distribution of election notices, overseeing the balloting process, and verifying the results.


Post-Election Action

Once the election results are determined, we can continue to play a key role in facilitating a smooth transition of power. This can involve coordinating with the outgoing and incoming board members and ensuring the proper transfer of records.

We also coordinate, prepare, and distribute all notices required by the governing documents.


Your Association’s Election Can Benefit from Wise Property Management’s Expertise

For Wise Property Management, the role of a property management company in association board elections is comprehensive and multifaceted. Our services can encompass pre-election planning, dispute resolution, compliance with legal considerations, and post-election actions. 


Association elections do not have to be stressful and disorganized. For more information about our Lakewood Ranch association management services, please request a proposal today or call us at (813) 968-5665.

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