Tips for Attracting New Tenants

Attracting new tenants to your property is an essential aspect of running a successful rental property. In order to attract new tenants, the property must be properly advertised to potential renters, well-maintained, and there must be a clear and open line of communication between potential renters and the Tampa property management staff. Making sure these items are addressed will help increase the value of the property, attract new tenants, and will also allow for the ability to fetch a higher rental rate.


To attract the right type of renters, you need to understand where your renters are looking, and what they’re looking for. Do your prospective tenants search for rental properties online, or do they look in the local classified ads? Do your prospective tenants typically care if your property is located in a great school district? Do they care how far the commute is to downtown? Knowing where your prospective tenants search and what features their searching for will help you be better prepared to attract them to your rental property.


Maintaining and improving the rental property will not only attract new prospective tenants, but will also allow for the ability to fetch a higher rental rate. Keeping up with the property will also help deter costly repairs because issues are addressed as they are noticed. Tampa property management companies like Wise Property Management understand the importance of maintenance when looking to attract new tenants. New tenants want to be impressed when they see a property. The best way to impress a new tenant is by making sure the property is visually appealing. This is done by making sure the property has great curb appeal, and that the property is always thoroughly and properly cleaned inside and out between lease agreements.


When a prospective tenant finds and is interested in your rental property, they want to be able to pick up the phone or shoot over a quick email with any questions or concerns, and they expect a quick response. This is difficult for busy property owners to manage themselves, so they turn to property management companies in Tampa like Wise Property Management for help. An experienced Tampa property management company will be able to manage communications between prospective tenants and property owners, and help faciliate new leases.

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