Tips for Dealing with Disputes Between Tenants

This is a common for scenario for many a Tampa property manager. You get a phone call from tenant A. She’s fed up with tenant B for myriad of reasons. His dog howls at all hours of the night, he argues with his girlfriend, and he smokes cigars with his buddies until 3 in the morning. Tenant B feels that tenant A is being less than truthful about these allegations and adds that she slams doors at all hours of the night. They both feel quite passionate in their point of view and are looking for you to solve their problems.

Tenant disputes are major challenges for all Tampa property management companies, but they must be dealt with quickly. Conflicts can elevate fast and, in some cases, become violent. It never has to come to that. Use the following dispute resolutions tips to help your tenants resolve their issues.

Set the Ground Rules in the Lease

Among the many items that must be addressed in your lease, how conflicts will be resolved should be included. Decide here if you would like for tenants to handle the dispute first, when you should step in, and the procedure for reporting complaints. Also, report consequences for not following this policy and for harassing a fellow tenant. Be sure to address this section of the lease when you bring in a tenant and when a dispute arises.

When Mediating a Dispute, Be Impartial

A number of disputes are not going to be resolved between the conflicting parties. You are going to have to serve as the voice of reason in these cases. Always remain impartial when mediating a dispute, even if you favor one side over the other. Let both sides state their case and take time to make the best decision. Then explain to both parties what your decision will be and the specific reasons for that decision.

Document Everything

When you have made a decision in regards to a tenant dispute, write it down and make sure both parties sign the document. This is critical in the event that a tenant has an issue with how you handled the dispute and decides to take legal action.

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