Tips to Boost Attendance for HOA Events

An association’s number one goal is to keep their community happy. A great way to foster the communal spirit is to hold events where residents can interact in various ways. However, choosing what kind of events to hold can be a challenge, almost as challenging as getting people to attend. 

Below, we discuss several key tips to consider when organizing your next event. If you’ve been too caught up with the minutiae of running a community to focus on your residents, consider hiring the best Tampa HOA management companies, Wise Property Management, Inc.

Consider Family Structures

Nobody knows your community better than you do, so when planning events, it would prove valuable to sit down with your fellow board members and consider what the majority of the community would want to attend. While some communities can be very diverse in their populations, others have strong majorities. For example, if your community is primarily comprised of families, throw family-friendly events, such as movie or board game night. If your community is mostly young professionals, consider a social BBQ or a beer/wine tasting.  

Event Poll

One of the easiest ways to throw events that your community will want to attend is to simply ask them. Brainstorm five to six different ideas and put a poll out for community members to fill out, either electronically or by paper. Listen to what the majority wants and start planning your next event with confidence. You could even keep your poll open-ended and provide them with the opportunity to answer for themselves. 

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Promote, Promote, Promote

There’s a reason that major events advertise so much — it gets people to attend. Your local community event should be treated the same (on a much smaller scale, of course). Whatever points of contact you have with your community, utilize those channels to get the word out. Whether it be email blasts, postings in common areas, flyers around the community, or chalking sidewalks, ensure that everyone in your community knows about the event. 

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Consistency is Key

If you’re reading this article because you’ve had poor attendance at a past event, don’t be discouraged. Even if there are only a couple of people attending your first few attempts, word will eventually get out that they are enjoyable events that everyone should attend. Sometimes, the only way to build a rapport with people is to show them consistency. Maybe consider even having a weekly or monthly event to give your community some event structure.  

If your events are random or hit-or-miss, people will never know what to expect. But if an event is coming up and the last three have been hits, you can bet that this one will be a real hit. 

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