What Current Condo Residents Want Most from Their Condo Community

Every single person is unique and has a different set of expectations from their residential community. Some families might want a bit of seclusion and freedom, while others might want active social calendars and a community center. However, there are some things that all residents want from their condo community. In this brief editorial, a St. Petersburg association management company outlines some of the things people want most from their condo communities and HOAs.

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Regular Communication

Regular communication is something all residents want from their condo community. This includes acknowledgment when their HOA dues are paid, notices of upcoming meetings, and plans for scheduled maintenance on community amenities. Nobody wants to be kept out of the loop regarding matters that impact them. 

High Property Values

Condo owners want their properties to have the highest value when it comes to selling or appraising them. Having a proactive HOA management team can make a big difference in the value of condo properties. Allowing poorly maintained condos and amenities to exist can have an adverse effect on property values. This is where the condo management team can step in and try to correct the situation. 

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Quick Conflict Resolution

Undoubtedly, some disputes will arise between residents. No one wants to live in a community where conflicts between neighbors last for extended periods of time. The condo management team’s ability to resolve these disputes in a diplomatic and timely manner plays a big role in how residents perceive the strength of their community.

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Proactive Repairs

No one wants to wait for an amenity to be repaired. Proactive repairs stem from closely monitoring the community’s needs and replacing appliances or features before it becomes absolutely necessary or dysfunctional. This can limit the overall time that residents go without access to that amenity. 


Most people realize that things will naturally happen over the course of time. This might mean that something needs to be repaired, a conflict will arise with a neighbor, or a new rule will need to be put in place. Whenever these events take place, most people simply expect their condo community to be managed with fairness, not favoritism or in the interests of other people. As long as they are able to see that there is fairness, this can make them feel more comfortable with management. 

In the end, condo residents want a nice place to live with fair policies and well-maintained amenities. A good property management company can help to ensure that all of these traits are associated with your community. This can encourage resident retention and make your community one people want to live in. 

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