How Bad Condo Management Companies Affect Residents

With a new decade upon us, we thought we’d lay out all the things condo boards need to know about condominium management services, specifically how these services can impact the lives of residents. A condo board’s number one priority should be to make sure that their residents’ needs are looked after. Unfortunately, not all management companies have the same priority. 

This brief article will cover how a bad condo management company can have a negative impact on residents. By taking care of bookkeeping, administrative support, rental management assistance, and a number of other duties, management companies help condo boards and residents alike. If your St. Petersburg condo management company isn’t assisting you, it’s time to work with a company that can. 

Letting Down the Community  

Finding the right tenants can offer a great challenge to any management board, as disruptive tenants can drastically lower the appeal of your condo and drive away current and prospective residents. And while not disruptive, other residents may not have the financial resources to afford rent every month. A bad condo management company sets a community up for failure by failing to properly vet residents to ensure that they are a good fit for the community.  

At Wise, we handle all facets of the tenant rental cycle, including tenant evictions. If your current condo management company is unwilling to put in the work to build a functioning, thriving community, a professional from our St. Petersburg condo management company can help.            

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Failing to Address Growing Problems  

Imagine a pest infestation in a common area. Now imagine this infestation spreading to individual units. A bad condo management company would leave it up to individual residents to handle, allowing a problem with a simple solution to become a catastrophe. How your condo management company handles situations like this can mean the difference between happy residents and former residents. 

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While not all maintenance issues are life or death, a bad condo management company will allow facilities in need of regular maintenance to fall into a state of disrepair, costing your association time and money in the long run. Rest assured, in the event of a maintenance request or emergency, Wise will contact the required professionals on your behalf and ensure that needed repairs are completed in a timely and professional manner, so you and your residents can go back to living comfortably.               

Many St. Petersburg condo associations reach out to us for assistance with their communities and management practices. As one of the best St. Petersburg condo management companies, Wise has managed housing associations across Tampa Bay for over 35 years and looks to continue providing the highest standard of property management on the Gulf Coast. If you’re tired of dealing with bad management companies, contact the team of professionals at Wise Property Management, Inc.     

Are you ready to work with one of the top St. Petersburg condo management companies that makes life easier for you and your board members and improves the value of your property?  If so, submit our proposal request form today!

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