How to Properly Deal with Bad Tenants

Every property owner wants quality tenants who are responsible, pay their rent on time, respect their neighbors, follow the law, abide by their contract, and take good care of their property. To achieve this, many property owners and Tampa property managers put into place strict and rigorous screening processes to separate the good tenants from the bad.

While having a strict screening process in place may help increase the quality of tenants that do make it through the process, a few bad apples are always bound to slip by. A bad tenant can cost a property owner thousands of dollars and a great deal of lost time.

It is essential to not only have a system in place to help separate the good tenants from the bad but to also have a system in place to deal with bad ones when you get them. Below are four tips from an experienced Tampa property manager on how to properly deal with bad tenant issues.


Consistently late or missing rental payments can cause serious cash flow issues for property owners. For some property owners, even one late payment can put them in a difficult position. If you are experiencing issues with collecting payments, it is best to tackle this situation as quickly as possible.

Solution: Having a strict screening process in place, a solid lease, and good communication with your tenant(s) can help avoid rental payment issues. If a tenant is consistently late on their rent payment, try to find out if there is a specific reason why they can’t make their payment on time. You may find that you may be able to come to a mutually beneficial solution such as modifying the due date to a later time in the month. Some Tampa property managers also offer incentives for consistently making rental payments on time for a set period of time.


If there is drug dealing or other illegal activities being performed in or around your rental property, not only can the value of your property potentially decrease, but those activities can jeopardize the safety of other tenants and neighboring properties.

Solution: If you suspect or know that there are illegal activities being performed on your property, it is highly recommended to contact the authorities immediately. A property owner may be found liable for the criminal activities of their tenants resulting in fines and/or criminal punishment.


As most experienced property managers in Tampa FL know, people are more inclined to take better care of property that they own versus property that they rent. This does not mean that you must sit idly by and accept bad behavior or a lack of responsibility from a tenant. After all, for every action there are consequences.

Solution: It is important to keep a good record of all inspections, a detailed inventory of the property, and to have a clause in your lease agreement that addresses damage to the property. We recommended having date stamped photos or video that support the condition of the property prior to leasing to a new tenant and to perform routine inspections to ensure that the property is being maintained.


Noisy tenants can create major problems for a property owner. Obnoxious music, late parties, and loud arguments can drive neighbors insane and lead to complaints. Just like dealing with late or missed payments, noise issues are another issue we recommend combating swiftly and sternly.

Solution: It is important for the lease agreement to have a clause about proper noise levels. If a tenant is in violation of that clause, discuss the problem with them so they understand that their noise levels are unacceptable. If the problem persists, consider involving the authorities to get the issue resolved.

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