Is it Time for Your Condo Association to Find a New Property Management Company?

Changing your property management company may seem like a massive overhaul, but understanding when it is time to seek a new property management team makes a choice to start a search clearer.

At Wise Property Management, we have compiled the following list detailing how to tell when it is time to find a new condo management company. Using the collective years of experience across our Tampa condo management service, the following are significant indicators that it is time for your Condo Association to explore new management options.

Reason 1: High Turnover Rate

Natural growth and movement of employees are normal; however, if you experience a high volume of turnovers, it may be time to look at staffing needs and causes for the departure of team members.

Reason 2: Lack of Communication

It is a best practice for communications received by management to be responded to within 24 hours. These communications may contain questions and information crucial to tenants’ and property needs. If current communications are not answered on time, it could be a good indicator that it is time to change property management.

Reason 3: Lack of Guidance and Follow Through

Not only is communication important, but plans and action items as a result of your property management company are also an essential factor of a management partnership.

Reason 4: Lack of Operational Transparency 

Be wary of management companies that hide finances and are not forthcoming with property project information. As a member of an association, you have the right to understand these pieces of your community entirely, and the management property in charge has a duty to provide these in complete clarity.

Consistency and support are essential among your association management and those residing in your properties. Ensuring your management team is working for you and not inadvertently against you makes for the higher opportunity of reaching goals and maintaining tenant satisfaction.

To learn more about Tampa HOA management companies and how it can help with Tampa HOA property management, contact Wise Property Management through our proposal request form. Let us help you keep your community running smoothly at all times.

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