Tips to Improve Condo Community Security

How safe a condo community is will largely determine how desirable it is. People want to move into and live safe community without any security issues. When buying a condo, one of the most important factors to think about is security. Tampa HOA management companies are always looking for ways to improve condo community security to keep condo owners safe and make the property more popular.

Maintain HOA Security Systems

Having security cameras, secured entries, and gates are important security measures. However, these security systems do require maintenance to stay in operational order. Gates might need repairs and video cameras could stop functioning. Checking all of the HOA security systems periodically to ensure that they work should be a part of the routine inspection and maintenance list. It is better to fix these issues before a security incident, so you’re sure to have the security camera footage from the event.

Use Smart Landscaping and Fencing

Tall privacy fences might actually help burglars as these fences make it easier for criminals to hide. Conversely, wisely placed bushes and trees can make it nearly impossible to gain unauthorized access to windows. When it comes time to add more landscaping and fencing, be sure that you consider how the placement and types of products selected will impact security. You might have a lot more control over these factors than you think. Opting for a security assessment can highlight how some of these design choices can make an impact at your particular property.

Get to Know Law Enforcement

You never know when you will need to call law enforcement to help you deal with a situation that is more severe than what your HOA is comfortable handling on its own. You can invite law enforcement to a meeting to meet them and to discuss security. In general, it is a savvy idea to know who to call and to have a relationship with law enforcement. This way, in the event something does happen, they’ll know certain things about your property, such as where the clubhouse is relative to the entrance and other details they may need.

Start a Neighborhood Watch

Neighborhood watch programs are not only for single family home communities. They can be helpful for condo properties, too. Residents can keep an eye out for things that happen, even during assigned “shifts” to keep the entire condo community safer. In turn, this could become an asset for future condo residents considering the community.

Security will always be a concern for all communities. People just want to stay safe where they live. By following these tips, your HOA can help to make your condominium community safer and more secure.

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