How Condo Management Companies Help in Emergency Situations

In emergency situations, like hurricanes, fires, or floods, having a condo management company in your corner can have several benefits. These benefits go beyond typical day-to-day property management, as a condo management company can take on some of the most stressful aspects of the aftermath of an emergency. In this article, a St. Petersburg condo management company shares a few of the most common ways a management company can help in an emergency situation.

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Help with Insurance Claims

At the most basic level, St. Petersburg condo management companies can handle important yet tedious tasks like handling insurance claims. Discussing damages that may span across multiple units can involve multiple insurance companies. A property management company can help coordinate these claims, discuss damages with adjusters, and relay this information to property owners.

Organize Emergency Services

As a property owner, it can be difficult to organize emergency services like plumbing leaks, air conditioner repairs, and gas leaks — especially when these services are needed outside of normal business hours. For example, if there is an emergency that causes a flood, this cannot wait until the next day. Someone will need to organize to have a professional come to evaluate the situation. This may involve multiple professionals, like plumbers and electricians, and can be time-consuming at best and life-threatening at worst. A St. Petersburg condominium management company can help coordinate these emergency services. This is especially helpful when multiple condominium units have been impacted.

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Prepare with Preventative Maintenance

The best way to help with any emergency situation is to prevent it from happening in the first place. A condominium management company can help organize preventative maintenance so that property owners and tenants are better prepared for any possible emergency. Not all emergencies are caused by burst pipes and faulty wiring. Sometimes, the emergencies are caused by mother nature. In Florida, this is especially important to remember during hurricane season. A property management company can help prepare the property before a storm and can organize preventive measures such as the boarding up of windows, securing of objects, and reinforcement of structures.

Keep Residents Informed

During an emergency situation, it is crucial to keep residents, tenants, and property owners informed. Owners have an obligation to inform neighbors of problems that may spread. For example, a burst pipe must be discussed with owners and tenants of any impacted unit. This is where St. Petersburg condo management companies like Wise Property Management come into play. A condo management company will keep all parties informed of any information they need to know and can also help prepare residents by explaining what to expect and when to expect the help they organized.

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